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New Name

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

I’ve changed the name of my blog from Mary Blaustone, to Grace Land Living.  Cool, huh?  I took it from Chris’ teachings on living in the land of grace. 

Speaking of Chris’ teachings.  I’ve also added a “Land of Grace” page at the top.  It’s sort of a brief explanation on why the name “Grace Land Living”.  The only thing is, when you click on the link that should take you to Chris’ teaching on Galatians 1, all you get is a Mac page saying something like “no can do”.  So…I’ll work on that one.

Just a note.  I’m heading down south to be with Chris and his family.  Chris’ mom, Carol, is at the end of her battle with cancer.  The family is surrounding her with love, doing all they can to make her comfortable.  Hospice says it’s only a matter of days now. 

There’s so much going on right now.  So many emotions to sift through. 

As my dear friend Karen said Wednesday night, “When in distress, call 91:1”

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”         Psalm 91:1

Sedona, Arizona is where Bob and Carol Blaustone lived for 18 years.  They recently moved back to Orange county for Carol’s health.  Sedona holds wonderful memories for us all.



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A day in the life

I haven’t really used this blog as a means to let people know of the everyday events of my life. Not that that’s a bad thing. It just hasn’t been the direction I wanted to take.But that’s about to change…at least in this post.


Here’s a brief, and in no way complete, recap of recent events in my life.My children are growing up


And talk about anticipating the empty nest. It’s happening as I speak. I’m planning my daughters wedding, as well as getting ready for Nate’s graduation from High School. The two of them are gone more then they are home. What with school, work, girlfriend, fiance…you name it and it’ll take them away from home. At least my baby boy, Zach, is still around. But wait! He’s turning 16 this summer. He’ll be getting his drivers license. And he too, being the skater dude that he is, seems to be gone more and more these days.


And Mom just watches. Sometimes helplessly, but not hopelessly. I believe this is what we raise them for. We pour ourselves into our children, teaching them to the best of our abilities to be respectful human beings, good communicators (at least the Blaustone’s do), competent in their abilities to take care of themselves and to be financially responsible. Then, as always…you pray, pray, pray. You let go, and let God work in and through their lives. But I have to say, my heart still hurts these days.



Chris in Sedona

Chris took a trip to Arizona to spend some time with his mom. Carol has been fighting the battle against cancer for almost 5 years now. She gave up a lung the first time around. Now she fights with one. Her chemo has been changed to a pill that she will take once a day, every day…probably for the rest of her life. The goal is to shrink the tumors and provide a remission.

Carol Blaustone is a fighter though. She’s a little spit fire who loves to talk. Let me say that again. She loves to talk…which sheds a little more light on my husbands passion for gab. She has been through so much over the last 5 years. The first lung removal, radiation, and then chemo. After this last remission more cancer was found and a second, little surgery happened. When you have one lung you can’t just remove it, or pick at it for that matter. After this, another round of chemo. And now the once a day chemo pill. But like I said, she’s a fighter, and she’s strong. She blows everyone in the family away in that regard. I love her dearly.

To get a job, or not to get a job…

That is the question. I had the fun privilege of working at a Christian book store for over a year. I hadn’t worked in a number of years before getting that job. I ended up quiting back in November and have been jobless ever since.

Now, the thought of going back to work isn’t the most appealing to me, but it is necessary. I mean, hello…wedding. So, needless to say, I NEED direction. There aren’t a whole lot of jobs out there these days. Not to mention that making more than $8 an hour would be special 😉

Anything else?

Lets see. It’s very windy outside. And, I’m going to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tonight!

I said it would be incomplete.

Blessings to all

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Calvary Chapel Healdsburg has been a fellowship for over 7 years now, and from the beginning, ministry to our youth has been very important. Within the first 6 months of our church start, God provided us with our first youth pastor, Sean.

Over the years the Jr. High and High school kids were fed the Word of God. They worshipped together, camped together, served in Mexico, traveled, played, and simply just loved being together. The group grew as the kids shared the love of Jesus with their friends at school. All I can say is, it was good.

Then, about a year and a half ago, Sean felt it was time to move on. That’s kind of the way ministry happens. You go where God leads. Anything else just wouldn’t make sense. And so…we were left without a youth pastor.

My husband Chris decided to step into that roll to fill the need, and we prayed like crazy for a new youth pastor. Chris and I both have a lot of experience in High School and youth ministry, but let me tell you…that doesn’t make a bit of difference if God hasn’t called you to the job.

So, Chris faithfully taught the kids the Word, and other servants filled in for the group from time. But, the kids seemed to flounder, for the connection to a “youth pastor” just wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong though. They loved Chris. I mean, what’s not to love? But it wasn’t the same. It felt temporary, and the group dwindled. It was sad to watch. So…we prayed harder.

Now, can I just tell you that God answers prayer? OK, I will. God answers prayer. And not only does He answer, but He goes above and beyond what we could ask or think. I guess that’s because He knows best just what we need.

7 months ago, God sent us Dave Ower and his beautiful wife, Heidi, in answer to our prayers. God’s response was so timely, so precise, and above and beyond what we could ask or think. Dave is young and energetic (key in youth ministry), and faithful in the teaching of God’s Word. It’s been such a blessing to watch the Lord breathe new life into our youth ministry.

I guess the main reason for this post is to direct you all to Daves web site. It’s called [re:New]

Dave put together this web site as an alternative way to connect with the youth in our fellowship, or anyone who might want to stop by for that matter. You can read a great bio on Dave and Heidi and what God has done in their lives, or look at pictures of youth group events. And make sure you visit the [re:Write]page. You’ll be blessed by what you read there.

So, there’s my plug and praise to God for Dave and Heidi.

Did I tell you that God answers prayer?

very thankful,



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Christmas Reflection…

We had a tremendously amazing Christmas. It seems like this was the first Christmas in a long time that we all were able to actually stay home, and not go anywhere. There was nothing major planned. No leaving town. No opening presents on Christmas Eve in order to bolt out of town on Christmas Day. No youth winter camp to prep for the day after Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. All those things are fine and dandy. It’s just that I love being home for Christmas. It’s got to be my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. From the time of my birthday on December 8th until Christmas day. What can I say? I decorate, I bake, I shop, and listen to Bing Crosby Christmas music. Chris and I cooked a delicious Prime Rib dinner for Christmas Eve. We slept in on Christmas morning and took our time opening presents while enjoying baked French Toast. Our good friends, the Eazells, came over for dinner. Then even more good friends came over for dessert. It couldn’t have been more wonderful. Truly the Lord’s blessings abound to us.

Even Chris’ Appendix ordeal didn’t dampen my Christmas spirit. By the way, Chris is doing very well and recovering nicely. When you get a chance you should check out his personal blog. He just started writing about a month ago. Just click the PC’s personal blog link to the right.

That’s all for now folks, and blessings until next time

Mary Blaustone…looking ahead to 2008!


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