Featuring “Featurette”!

clapboard1I thought I’d try something new here.  Seein as I’ve been a bit out of sorts with writing lately, I’m feeling the need to…how do you say?…mix it up a bit.

So, every now and then, I’m going to post a “Featurette”.  Did you hear the effective echo in there when I said the word Featurette?

Anyway, Wikipedia defines a featurette as a film whose length is approximately three quarters of a reel, or about 20-44 minutes of running time, thus midway between a short subject and a feature film.  In other words, a “small feature”.  Thus, Featurette.

Now that we are all clear on what a featurette is, you can be assured that I won’t be showing a short film here.  Instead, I’ll be Featuretting a blog or website, hand selected by me, from my very own blogroll.  Yes, that’s right.  The blogroll over there on the right side of the page…and down a bit.

I have to wonder what people think of the sites I have listed on my blogroll.  It’s an interesting collection.  Yet, there’s reason and a story behind them all.  Whenever I lurk around a blog site, I check out the blogroll and the links.  I have to say that sometimes I have questions, and I do wonder why this or that site was chosen to have a special place in the listing.  In a “Featurette” post, we’ll take a bit of a closer look at the people and the websites that make up my blogroll.

I do know this.  I’ve found many wonderful blogs by checking out someones blogroll.  So, maybe this new “Featurette” will connect us bloggers a little closer together.

That was just the introduction.  My next post will be the first “Featurette”.  Aren’t you excited?  I know I am.

Stay tuned


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One response to “Featuring “Featurette”!

  1. Clever idea…

    I’ll get the popcorn ready…

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