Is it just me….

or are airports simply ghastly places?

Some of you are saying…”Oh no, I love airports. I love travel. I love crowds. I love waiting in long lines, with cameras watching and TSA personnel who look like they’ve been doing this job for 50 years (no offence). I love to fill up 2 plastic bins with all my belongings…placing pointless items in a plastic bag so they don’t “explode”…removing my shoes, belt, and jacket so I can walk through a metal detector and then put my clothes back on in front of everyone on the other side. I love having to open my carry-on to let the security guy rifle through it just because…I love that.”

And one more thing. Why do the maintenance people get to literally just “flash” their badges and walk on through? Does that make any sense at all? How do we know they’re not evil?

O.K. This random, sarcastic post is all to say that Chris and I did have a nice trip to visit his family in Arizona for his sisters birthday.

Here’s a little airplane/airport humor from my favorite comedian, Brian Regan



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2 responses to “Is it just me….

  1. Bill

    I have a bit of an embarrassing airport story…

    We were coming home from Israel, and were at the airport in Tel Aviv. The security there was very rigid.

    I was leading a group of about 18 people, and they wanted to question me and us about where we had been, what we had done, etc.

    They pulled me aside a bit, and then randomly asked one of the older ladies to step aside, asking about our trip. They wanted to compare our stories. I know we looked like secret service types smuggling military secrets out of Israel. We were all standing near an x-ray machine.

    Suddenly, all the airport security folks got really tense, and asked us to quickly move in a certain direction. I asked why, and was told, “Sir please move that way, NOW!”

    I suddenly realized that we were right next to the x-ray machine, and I figured that they had just found a bomb in some luggage, since they were directing us away from the x-ray machine.

    I need no additional motivation to move. I connected the dots, and ran for cover behind a huge concrete pillar. Yes-sir-ree, they didn’t have to tell me twice. I got to the safe zone pronto.

    Then I realized that I had left some elderly people in our group behind, near the x-ray machine. They were folks that were very slow and needed assistance walking, and I hadn’t even thought of helping them get to the safe zone.


    Humble pie all the way home…

  2. unlikelyhero

    airports are intresting places… at least you weren’t air sick this trip….. (at least I hope you weren’t, thats no fun….)

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